August 2018 28
Welcome to My Blog
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Thank you for taking the opportunity to visit my website and blog.  This blog is a place to satisfy random urges to try to write some short piece worth reading.  Your comments, critiques and suggestions

April 2016 23
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When I was a little red-headed girl in the 1950’s and 60’s, I lived in a neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia, partially populated by black people during the day. At night they went home, most of

December 2015 03
Notes Toward Becoming a Happy Fool
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Two things are on my mind as I write this: another mass shooting in America and my oldest brother’s mental demise. There’s a connection. When I was recently visiting my brother, who is a 78

June 2015 16
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I was raised by a genteel woman who rarely, if ever, expressed her anger. She had integrity and grace, but she was exactly what Virginia Woolf called “the angel in the house,” the woman in