August 2018 28
Welcome to My Blog
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Thank you for taking the opportunity to visit my website and blog.  This blog is a place to satisfy random urges to try to write some short piece worth reading.  Your comments, critiques and suggestions

May 2020 30
Giving Up is Hard to Do
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Though it feels like our lives have been radically altered, there are a lot of things the pandemic hasn’t changed at all; it’s just made them more obvious and horrifying. Before the pandemic there was

May 2020 07
Fighting the Waves
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There’s a lot to be sad about if you take a look at reality. And of course there’s a lot of beauty. But let’s just say that sometimes beauty itself seems to be a waning

April 2020 25
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The big theme of my writing, my teaching, my studies, my relationships and my meditation practice is suffering.               I’ve combed through history to find women who’ve been strong despite intense mental and physical traumas. I’ve

April 2020 01
Quarantine Zen
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On the yellow wall I face to meditate I taped a three-verse poem written by a 17thcentury Chinese Buddhist nun named Xinggang. She starts:              In the gates and halls of the elders, the work of

March 2020 19
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For some of us, a mandate to stay home and avoid contact with groups of people is permission to be ourselves.  My ideal relationship is what the poet Rainer Maria Rilke described: “I hold this