May 2015 06
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Let’s see – I was a radical hippie chick. That’s definitely over. I was a mother; well, I will always be that in spirit but not in body. My son is no longer in the

April 2015 13
So You Think I’m Retired…
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  You know the cliché question: what one person in history would you most like to have a long talk with? I always say, “Shakespeare, without a doubt.” That’s because I’d like to ask him

September 2014 15
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  I am so grateful to be prescription drug free – off of central nervous system chemical tampering, recommended by doctors, which put me at risk for mental breakdown, suicide and seizures – that I

March 2014 01
Hi, My Name is Kate…
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  I’m going through benzo withdrawal. (For those of you lucky enough not to know, benzos are benzodiazepines, anti-anxiety drugs such as Xanax and Klonipin.) How I got to this point is a rambling story

December 2013 18
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  There’s a lot to hate about the human condition. Ask someone who went through the holocaust; ask someone in a country that has been colonized and exploited; ask an African American who lived during

July 2013 14
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  When I was maybe three years old, I wanted to write. I didn’t yet know what being a writer meant. I just wanted to take a pen or pencil and say things with it