June 2013 12
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    My cat is pulling out her own hair. I find it in clumps and see the results on her balding backside and tail. It’s stressing me out. In fact, she and I are

February 2013 24
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    Zen Buddhism. It has been a constant source of strength for me since I was 19 and so frazzled by anxiety that I didn’t think I would survive my own mind. Alan Watts,

November 2012 22
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Think of the stereotype of people who are alone– the depressed woman in raggedy house slippers, t.v. on, some cats sprinkled around the room. Or the teenager who’s too fat or too skinny or too

October 2012 10
Open Letter to the Taliban
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Dear Taliban, If your fear of women and their freedom compels you to kill, kill me. I’m a sixty- year-old American woman. I probably consume too much of the world’s resources, and I’ve had a

September 2012 14
Authors Foreword from New Book
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[Below is a copy of the foreword to X&O: Short Works by me, Kate Horsley]   This collection of short works comes from and is about vastly different stages in my personal and creative life.   “Rat”