January 2021 14
The Means to an End
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There are people on the left and right who believe that their cause is so noble, so vital that they will do anything to see it manifested. Integrity and alleviating suffering are not at the

April 2016 23
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When I was a little red-headed girl in the 1950’s and 60’s, I lived in a neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia, partially populated by black people during the day. At night they went home, most of

December 2015 03
Notes Toward Becoming a Happy Fool
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Two things are on my mind as I write this: another mass shooting in America and my oldest brother’s mental demise. There’s a connection. When I was recently visiting my brother, who is a 78

June 2015 16
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I was raised by a genteel woman who rarely, if ever, expressed her anger. She had integrity and grace, but she was exactly what Virginia Woolf called “the angel in the house,” the woman in

May 2015 06
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Let’s see – I was a radical hippie chick. That’s definitely over. I was a mother; well, I will always be that in spirit but not in body. My son is no longer in the