August 2018 28
Welcome to My Blog
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Thank you for taking the opportunity to visit my website and blog.  This blog is a place to satisfy random urges to try to write some short piece worth reading.  Your comments, critiques and suggestions

July 2013 14
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  When I was maybe three years old, I wanted to write. I didn’t yet know what being a writer meant. I just wanted to take a pen or pencil and say things with it

April 2012 20
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Virginia Woolfe wrote an essay called “The Angel in the House,” explaining that women have to kill the angel voice inside them in order to be powerful writers. Truman Capote didn’t have any problem with

April 2008 02
Writing While My Ego Eats Ice Cream
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 For over thirty-six years, I’ve dabbled in Zen Buddhism. For over forty-six years, since fourth grade when I wrote a Christmas poem about the Snow Fairy for my class, I’ve been a writer. These paths