May 2020 07
Fighting the Waves
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There’s a lot to be sad about if you take a look at reality. And of course there’s a lot of beauty. But let’s just say that sometimes beauty itself seems to be a waning

April 2015 13
So You Think I’m Retired…
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  You know the cliché question: what one person in history would you most like to have a long talk with? I always say, “Shakespeare, without a doubt.” That’s because I’d like to ask him

June 2009 27
School’s Out for Summer
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I had a student last term who for a week sat in the first row spitting diseased mucus into an empty Dr. Pepper bottle. This was my first class of the day, 9 am. He

March 2008 19
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Anti-intellectualism has been around – sheesh, I don’t know, probably a long time. But Americans have taken to it, well, like a hog to mud.    That venerable American Thomas Jefferson was an intellectual. That means