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Open Letter to the Taliban

Dear Taliban,

If your fear of women and their freedom compels you to kill, kill me. I’m a sixty- year-old American woman. I probably consume too much of the world’s resources, and I’ve had a chance to live six decades. Plus I’m a Buddhist, and I know you hate Buddhists, because you’ve  destroyed irreplaceable and magnificent Buddhist art in Afghanistan.

I understand that you are cowards and like to attack schoolgirls, but consider my offer. If you have the urge to shoot women who want an education, I’d be a good choice. I have a Ph.D.

Young women like Malala are just beginning their brilliant lives, already wise and with years ahead of them to acquire knowledge and skills to brighten the world. I understand that they scare your pants off.  In your dim mind you know they’re already smarter than you are. But really, you’re wasting your time trying to kill all the girls in the world who want to be free, who feel their intelligence ready to bloom like a strong flower. You are far outnumbered by them. They will prevail.

So the suffering you’re imposing on these eager and innocent lives is intensely and horribly ignorant.

You do not represent Muslims; you do not represent Arabs. You are ignorant and inhumane destroyers of life and hope, the same thugs we’ve seen throughout history, those of us who have been educated about history – the thugs who use religion and ideology to support their insane agendas.

Tolerating your policies is not political correctness; it’s cooperating with the most dangerous combination there is: stupidity, fear and violence.

May all your daughters go to school! That is your only hope.


Kate Horsley