August 2011 17
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I’ve started to go to al-anon meetings again. For those of you not in the know about the 12-step world, it’s like Alcoholics Anonymous, only for the family members or companions of addicts – the

July 2011 25
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I’m on vacation. I’ve been on vacation for almost three months. And I’m stressed out. Basically, I’m ruminating too much. Most of the respectable people I know have home projects. They never have enough free

May 2011 17
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Last night my band “The Deadbeets” had practice — coming off of a huge and dizzying world premier concert in front of 500 screaming and applauding fans – okay, they were elementary school kids. Our

February 2011 01
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When I was a teenager in the 60’s, I was hot. Yes, indeed. I went braless, wore halter tops and mini-skirts; I had long red hair and what my mother called “bedroom eyes.” My mother

August 2010 18
LSD versus Oxycodone
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Many of us baby boomers rebelled against the bullshit we detected in our racist, sexist society. We rebelled against a war we knew was a brutal lie. We advocated for civil rights. We demanded equal

June 2010 13
Focus on the Breast
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Okay – here goes the ubiquitous cancer blog I said I wouldn’t write. I suppose it was inevitable. Last November I had a breast tumor removed which turned out to be a rare kind of