October 2012 10
Open Letter to the Taliban
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Dear Taliban, If your fear of women and their freedom compels you to kill, kill me. I’m a sixty- year-old American woman. I probably consume too much of the world’s resources, and I’ve had a

September 2012 14
Authors Foreword from New Book
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[Below is a copy of the foreword to X&O: Short Works by me, Kate Horsley]   This collection of short works comes from and is about vastly different stages in my personal and creative life.   “Rat”

July 2012 14
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Remember Blanche Dubois in the play “Streetcar Named Desire”? Okay – maybe you don’t. Anyway, she says at some point, in her southern drawl, “I must rely on the kindness of strangers” – as though

February 2012 21
The Religious Assault on Women: Enough Already
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  Morally weak heterosexual men have two strategies for getting laid: rape and religion. Rapists are straight-forward worthless criminals. Men who use religion to justify their control of women are delusional lunatics and/or diabolical bullshitters

December 2011 18
Why Not to Commit Suicide
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  About eight years ago in November, a man I valued very much as a friend and colleague stepped outside his car and shot himself on the asphalt of an emergency room parking lot. His

October 2011 12
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All kinds of crap happens. To all of us. I can’t think of an extended period of time in my life when crap didn’t happen. In the past, when I wasn’t meditating and crap happened,