June 2009 27
School’s Out for Summer
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I had a student last term who for a week sat in the first row spitting diseased mucus into an empty Dr. Pepper bottle. This was my first class of the day, 9 am. He

April 2009 05
April is the Cruelest Month
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                          My son died nine years ago, April 9. There’s some nine thing going on (this also being 2009).  I’m not doing very well.

May 2008 05
New Magic in a Dusty World
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My father said to me as we walked arm in arm, slowly down the hall of an upscale nursing home, “I’m a dead duck. I don’t have anything to live for, and I’m afraid to

April 2008 02
Writing While My Ego Eats Ice Cream
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 For over thirty-six years, I’ve dabbled in Zen Buddhism. For over forty-six years, since fourth grade when I wrote a Christmas poem about the Snow Fairy for my class, I’ve been a writer. These paths